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A Brief Description Of Some Of My Experiences.

From a very young age i've been able to sense things. Not exactly psychic but definitely tuned into the paranormal. My first encounter was at the age of three. We had a cold spot in the basement. It was so noticeable people would walk around it. I walked threw it more than once, it had an odd electrical feel to it. I still remember that feeling. I have also had experiences at my fathers cottage. I never liked going there, it has the creepiest feel to it. In the hallway there was a loose floorboard. It made a thunking sound when it was stepped on. While in bed at night i would here someone walking over it continuously. I will share more stories at another time.
Ethereal345 Ethereal345 31-35 3 Responses Aug 2, 2012

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Please do..

that does sound scary.. I would love to read more though

So would I!

Demons are just harrassing you because of how evil you are thats all.

You are completely delusional. You are probably of weak faith. I'll say a prayer for you. A trip to a psyche-ward could really help you out! Take care of yourself! :)