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I seem to be followed by different paranormal happenings from sightings of ghosts, hearing things and feeling things in every house I've lived in since I was about 2. I'm 14 now and its taking over my life... I don't want to be a ghost magnet.


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Again, send out the love to all around u, in buckets. I love all...and keep it up maybe they will leave

Are you still having problems?

An old spell my parents taught me used nothing but an onion, string and a window. Take a bite out of the onion and hang it in a window, preferably one facing the front of the house. You can take it down after a few days, and the protection should last as long as you live there.
We did this every time we moved to a new house and, no matter how much trouble I had with the paranormal outside, I never saw a single ghost inside.
I'm not a Wiccan, and am searching for my own answers regarding the supernatural. This is just a spell my parents taught me, and I think would benefit you.

One possibility is that this is caused by your genetic makeup, my sister and I have genes from a parallel earth that make us trackable by machine brain interfaces on certain equipment located on various parallel earths. We hear things to we are followed by orbs of light I have a video of them here

My guess is that since these machines are designed to allow people to travel from one parallel world to another, their signal disrupts the membranes between the worlds, that's why you hear and see things their coming through the membrane. I have pictures on my profile under other odd things, ghostly images that I believe to be bleeding through from parallel earths, I have well over a hundred of them and am still getting more. I also have a friend on a parallel earth that I talk to via one of these machines, my sister is more sensitive than me and we use her as a kind of modem
He connects to her brain via the interface and uses her hand to write to me on a note pad. The interface doesn't fit either one of us well so he can't operate her voice for some reason. I kept a journal when it all started, you can see it here if you want

Look for a psychics in ur area and ask them for help

My mum won't let me get a psychic

Hmmmmmmm try a medium then

She won't let me do anything..

Have u told her

Yeah, she doesnt believe me anymore. she says I do it for attention

U jst have to get her to see


When do any come around

Everyday but she cant see them!

Can u ask them to do something

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