Miss.nobody And The Stairs

When I was little I first live in Orillia, Ontario. At the time our family was only five people big me(middle kid),my brother (oldest), my sister(youngest), mom and dad. I was only 10 or so.

The house we lived in was a peace full one, later I found my mom and dad rented the house from a old lady that was very kind to us and would make us stuffed animals, I loved that house. But soon she passed away of old age and the house was still as nice as ever. So what I'm trying to say is that the owner was there but she kept the house in a nice feeling, don't ask how I knew at such a young age I just did. When I was little my mom adopted my little sister destiny from my cousin because she couldn't take care of her, random info I know but it matters later. Soon after that my dad got a good job in Toronto, so to move closer but not into Toronto we moved to Barrie.

This is where it begins,
I remember my mom looking at a bunch of houses but we ended up moving into a house by a college. It wasn't bad the elementary school was around the corner and down the other street was a mac's. But the house, it felt weird not scary or anything but just odd, we moved in and everything was normal. Though a few month into the move and when me and my siblings were in school we would put or stuff on hangers on the stair case (as you go up stairs theirs a little platform where you turn to go up more stairs, thats where coats and school bags went). So when we would come home from school we would put our stuff there and run out to play with the neighbour kids. Almost every time we came home all the stuff was thrown down the stairs on the ground. Mom would ask how we managed to not put our stuff away when we always did! It bugged me and my siblings to be blamed for something we didn't do.She thus began calling the mess Mister nobody doings, since no one fessed up for it.

So years go by and where still in the house and things are always falling down the stairs, You could put anything at the top of the stairs and they would, with out noise, be at the bottom a tumbled mess of clothe, toys, jackets whatever was there fell down always. Eventually we forgot about mister nobody and life went on.

When I was 13 or 14, me and my sister shared a room, which was right beside the stairs and right above the garage. One night I hear a noise and thought I was my sister talking in her sleep again. So I rolled over and she's dead asleep snoring almost. Unamused I rolled over and started staring at the ceiling. When I heard it again, a noise coming from the stairs, being me and curious I had to go look. I got out of bed and walked to my door and looked around, nothing really, but then i saw her just a slight bit. she was at the bottom of the stairs. I was scared but wonder what this little girl was doing in my house in the middle of the night? I was young what can I say? I went after her, she ran down the remaining stairs and vanished throw the garage door. And that floored me. I was right behind her almost able to grab her then she poof went throw a thick metal door.

That was enough for me I ran upstairs and shut my eyes, never to speak of it again till now.

Eventually we moved out of that house and oddly enough a wica and her daughter moved in,
A few years later my mom had told me that the lady could scene a little girl who had died being pushed down the stairs. And that "bad things" went on in our garage that I never found out more about. Though the lady said the girl was no longer there, my mom didn't get it but I did I still see her time to time. Just peeking around a corner.

Mister nobody was a Miss.

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Sep 29, 2012