Understanding The Veil And What Lies Beyond.

What is commonly called the "veil" is, more accurately, a membrane that divides reality into a massive number of smaller, self-contained segments that are called Gewölben, or vaults. We dwell in the Gewölben of Erdehause, better known as the physical world. Spirits dwell in other Gewölben, of which there are nominally three kinds: the geheiligt, or sacred vaults, the ungezähmt, or untamed vaults, and the heillos, or unholy vaults. These titles are assigned based mostly upon the nature of the spirits that dwell within: the Ungeist, that dwell in the heillos Gewölben, reflect the more unpleasant parts of nature and man, the Ur-Fürsten embody nature untouched or influenced by morality, and the Halbgott in the geheiligt Gewölben embody ideas that man finds favorable. Each Gewölben has a nominal ruler, who can be viewed as a God, or an anthropomorphic personification of the Gewölben itself. In short, you could envision other Gewölben as being places where archetypes are embodied, ruled by the purest expression of that archetype. The veil fluctuates across the world based on a number of factors: the position of the planets, the position of the Earth, the local environment, and the position of ley lines in the surrounding area all play a part in distorting the veil. Places where the veil is thin are called Tors. In Tors, spirits can more easily travel between Gewölben. However, passage is only made easier for spirits that have a powerful analogue for their Gewölben in the physical world. For example, if toxic waste is dumped in a place where the veil is thin, spirits associated with poison, decay, and pollution may cross the veil, but not spirits that embody, for example, plant life. I call this the Law of Reflection.

Here are a couple examples of Gewölben, each one with a note about what concept or concepts it embodies, what kind of place is likely to serve as a tor to or from it, and what, from reports, it looks like.

Malkuth Hashamaim: This geheiligt Gewölben seems to be the source of the mythology of the Judeo-Christian God. It encompasses the concepts of purity, righteousness, justice, and vengeance. It is, from accounts of the various beings that dwell within it, a massive seven-layered temple, which "has its foundation set within the top of the sky". At the top of the seventh layer supposedly sits a holy throne, from which the God Jehovah rules the cosmos. Tors to Malkuth Hashamaim tend to be sites where people who are persecuted for sincerely following extremely old religious beliefs (such as colonies of hasidic Jews and the small pockets of South Americans that still worship the Mesoamerican gods) gather to perform rituals to their god or gods.

Mictlan: This place of decay, loss, death, and deep tunnels beneath the earth is a heillos Gewölben recorded in ancient Aztec legend. It resembles a massive network of tunnels linking a system of unimaginably large caverns, some complete with their own weather systems and all filled with brutal environments. Somewhere within this labyrinth is the Windowless House, in which the God Mictlantecuhtli sits, reigning over being that resemble the shades of the dead. Tors to Mictlan form in caves where either many people have died or where dead bodies were disposed of after death.
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How much of your understanding is experiential and when did you start your reading into the esoteric? If I may ask?

Of course. Feel free to message me. I don't want to impose however, but I am curious.

so like is passing the veil like going to heaven

that clears thinks up, what do you mean yes and no

ok i see were you're comming from i stil think its just really unethicol

no offence ofcource

like not thinking abubed or un clear no offence i dont mean to offend please ask about my religion if u want iam just curiouse

Some can cross the veil in physical body.

I have but I do not recommend it unless the person can legitimately defend themselves and get back across.

I assure hobbits different. She danger level is beyond that of typical magic and shifting.

Supposed to be You it's* not hobbits. Autocorrect got me.


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