Paranormal Phenomena

I have always been interested in the paranormal. Kinda had to concidering that weird things tend to happen around me. And when you're psychic, you definitely develop and interest in paranormal phenomena. I, myself, am weird.... so, naturally, I like weird things. =]
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Oh yeah those are only a few of the things I've had happen to me. Its crazy...

I've also had many paranormal experiences.... including ghosts, and deja vu.

I agree. There is no definite definition for normal. Everyone is different. So, how do you take so many forms of different and create one normal? You don't. Normal is nonexistent; it's a thought each person has of their own form. Now, weird, weird is your own differences. Everyone has their own weird. Others just see it differently. And, yes, the paranormal is highly intriguing.

what is normal? there is no normal, whats normal for one is weird for another ..<br />
i find the paranormal intriguing.

I like weird.

weird is extraordinary, lets define weird for a moment....Not a real def......Weird is weird to the normal....Well, I find normal weird!!

Don't worry, sometimes weird is a good thing.