A Fascination

I'm just soo fascinated by it. It's interesting to hear about and thrilling to think about. People back from the dead and everything like that. I can't see how someone can scoff at that, it's a wonderful thing the paranormal and I hope to remain curious about it. :) Hopefully
Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 14, 2007

The universe is teaming with life, and can not be accessed from our position here on earth given the state of our technology. Metaphysically, we know that the vastness of our situation is more that the human mind has been designed to fathom. We sit here on this blue marble, eyeballing the skies. We do however occupy our time killing each other, planning on how best to kill each other, and celbrating the spoils of our wars. So, when the universe occasionally whispers its secrets to us we are generally too busy blowing things up, or chasing after worldly riches, rewards, and pleasures. All fleeting, etherial, and fleeting compared to the endless treasures of our expansive universe. Stop, and listen to the universe. Sit outside on a clear night and try to see the three-dimensional vision of our small corner of the universe. The whole place is alive with the essence of mankind, just not for us here on earth, yet.

What a great open attitude - I hope you keep that too honey, because it will take you a long way. There is much to gain through understanding the paranormal. Blessings to you.