Staying Next To A Old Graveyard

As a young boy, I went and visit my grand parents during school holidays`s in Kimberley, they stayed next to a old Jewish cemetery. The cemetery
was fenced of with white metal upright plates with sharp points at the top. Big tree`s in the cemetery made it look like a dark mystery place where only the
brave dare and me coming from a farm, know nothing of fear, decided that the cemetery was there for me to explore.

One Saturday morning, after my granny served breakfast, it was time for me to do my exploration in the cemetery. Over the fence I went by climbing and swinging on the branches of the big tree`s growing along the fence. Inside I saw nice pathway`s  with brick`s to show where the graves and the pathways are. Looking at the gravestones, I could not read the inscriptions on it because I am not Jewish but the date`s on it was visible, starting of from were I was in the early 1900`s. Ducking under the tree branches through, walking along the path`s to a older part of the cemetery at the back, the wind
pick up and started to move the tree branches and making eery noises.

 Brave as as was as a kid, coming from a farm, nothing scares me, moving to the back of the cemetery, I notice a movement between the trees. Immediately I duck behind one of the gravestones, looking over the curved edge and waiting for the thing to move again. Holding on to the gravestone, I saw that the gravestone was green with algae growth and I could not make out the date on it. Forgetting the movement between the trees, I sat on the grave, trying to clean the stone with my hand so that I can read the dates on it.

As the good Lord kept His protective hand over me, there was a low hanging tree branch over the grave I was sitting on behind the gravestone, I saw a movement on the path next to the grave out the corner of my eye, It was a old woman with a long black dress, Gray hair, walking slowly and very quiet on the path between the graves. She did not see me and I watch her till she disappear between the trees. The date on the gravestone I was sitting on was in the mid 1800`s.

Slowly I got up, ducking under the tree branches, allured for any movement, I left the cemetery the same way I entered. At my granny`s home, I ask my granny about the old woman. She said it was the caretaker.
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i love old graveyards too.