Most Awesome Show

This is my most favorite court show and favorite judge of all time! She's the most fair one out of them all as she really listens to both sides and gives fair rulings.

She's also really funny and has a fun personality. I've been stealing one of her lines lately and using it when my little brother keeps cutting me off while I'm talking; "Did I breathe and give you the impression I was done talking?" XD

 I usually watch it TiVoed but lately, since I'm out of work, I've been able to watch it on tv at 2pm est. Fun fun stuff.

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Oh.. how nice.. wishing harm on someone because they aren't interesting to you and talk too much. I can image all the horrible things you must wish on yourself just based on that criteria.<br />
<br />
Grow up.

i can't stand that lady, her voice either. now judge judy, she was meant for that job! she is a human lie detector. that other judge you like, ive watched her show and she is way to in love with herself and enjoys listening to her own voice and talks just to hear herself talk, i wish she would get hit by a truck and become retarded, cause then at least she would be more interesting.