My giant poster of the periodic table is out of date. It doesn't have the newly discovered elements of elements 110-115. I want one of those ones that have the picture of the element. Also I got various chemistry songs stuck in my head, including David Newlin's symbol song, and Tom Lehrer's element song. Who doesn't love the elements? We're all made up of them... carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, mainly. Then trace amounts of other elements and their isotopes, with a little heavy water (with deuterium) a few molecules of tritium hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen is the second most prevalent substance in your body. You could take your weight, the approximate percentage of hydrogen in your body, Avogrado's constant, and the percentage of deuterium/tritium atoms per mole of hydrogen, to find out about how many deuterium/tritium atoms there are in you. :D I love chemistry. Haven't taken it yet in high school. They put me in physics, the only thing I love more than chemistry.
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Our human bacteria seem to be getting more attention that the elements lately.