Here At Last

my aquaintance raved about how great the phillippines was, from the green card holders to fillipino nationals, to men from the services stationed there, and guys just like me who wanted a different prospective in life, i had planned many times to vacation, here in PI but something always came up, you know what i mean? it was an itch that needed some scratching, first they told me life is there is different from the USA, secondly the price of the dollar goes a long way, and its so true, i pay for internet, cable, electricity, water, rent and groceries for the month for about 250 dollars, and i have a pretty nice and secure apartment, for those of you living in the states you can figure out the math, how much your place costs in the states, but i am really lucky in finding my girl friend over here, she can stretch a twenty dollar bill around 800 pesos and go to town on it from bargining for the best prices and make sure i don't get swindled,she dose'nt allow me to  do any house work, need i say more, makes sure i am well taken care of, her family is great to... part 2 comming soon

hyukjoong68 hyukjoong68
36-40, M
Apr 8, 2008