I Love To Play My Piano Anytime.

In conversations with people close to me, I can stand up, say "yes, yes I hear you", and start to play on the piano. To play something that was on my mind, something I heard or some sheet I worked earlier. Sometimes it's some kind of escape from the subject of the conversation. But often it's simply on my mind. I want to play with it to new people (my relatives just hear it often already). I would open a web chat and just start to play. Often people with zap me, but I found some nice people between too dicks :) . A nice girl told me it was the best chat ever. I love Chopin. I love to improvise too. Right now I feel like playing for people. My family is around so I cannot put up a web chat like that on the screen.

I started to learn to seriously read music a few years ago. I was ok at improvising, but at some point I felt stuck. The better I read music, the more I can take any music sheet and discover new pieces, and make progress. All my playing improved from that fact. I also like to record multi-track: since my piano improved, it is much easier for me to record my own music, because I make less mistakes when I play. Before I wanted always to play something difficult in my songs, something too difficult for me in fact. May-be it was self esteem. Now I take it easy, I play simpler things, and I try to put a beginning, and development and a end to it. I think it is better like that.

I would like to play gigs with people around, but I don't have much time, with work and family duties. Although most of the time I play by myself, when I start to get involved in a song, I forget the rest and it is very relaxing and rewarding. I Love the piano!!
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31-35, M
Jan 20, 2013