Eagerly I Wished The Morrow;

This particular excerpt from the Raven actually has inspired me to no longer be eager to to postpone things. Midnight arrives and you already hope that the day is done with and another morrow occurs. This is a fallacy in life. Do not be eager for the morrow. Be prepared and excited for the moment.
Knowledge and wisdom are wonderful but ultimately inexhaustible wishes. The Raven made me realize that love, knowledge, wisdom can take one out of semi-sanity and make one become completely insane. Life needs more than single-minded quests. For me, Poe has illustrated the consequences of the life I was headed down. Time to live for today and not tomorrow!
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i grew up on poe! brilliant he was. <br />
have you read the works of H.P Lovecraft? ^^<br />
miles smiles enjoys it to!

Yes live for today....:)

Yes, amazing poem with lots of meaning to me!