Annabelle Lee Is My Favorite.

It moved me to tears. It's just so powerful.
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It's such A Strong poem
Yet so gentle and lovingly which is sp different than all the other poe's poems but yet still maintains His traidmark of the Death of a lost love, which Poe claimed that there is nothing more poetic than the dath of a Beautiful woman ,

In this poem the Narrator discribes an undying love for this Annabel Lee
A love so strong that neither the Angels above nor the Demons below the sea could ever keep them appart by her Grave he lies those are strong emotions
When I first came up on this poem and read it i had to read it again and was amazed by the beauty
The contence this poem reflects such love such deep emotion I started wondering where did Edgar get his inspiration than I started reserching and found the story about Poe's grief for his wife whom have passed and indeed you can see certain emotion reflected with in this poem
I can not get enough of reading Annabel Lee i know his poem by heart and is my second most favorite poem ever written

Yeah losing the love of a life time can be bitter and stir emotions, thanks for sharing.

It's just the devotion it conveys, burning passion.

Hello just being nosy and in reading how you were moved by Poe's poem Annabelle it made me wonder why you were brought to tears?? Is it the style or the words? Or do you share a loss like in Annabelle? I hope not to step on your daisy’s, just was very curious.

It's just the emotion it conveys.