Come On Down!

it has been my dream to be on the price is right since i was 8 years old...i used to fake sick to stay home from school and watch the fabulous prizes and mom got wise to this and stopped me, but as i got older, the price is right never failed to cheer me up, even when i was depressed...well, when i found out that bob was retiring in june i had to do something about this march i am flying out to LA and hopefully being picked to "come on down..."... it's highly unlikely that i will be lucky enough to get onto contestants row, but if i do......

when it comes down to it..i really just want to spin the big wheel

quietrocket quietrocket
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2 Responses Dec 30, 2006

so...this is a long time coming, but no i did not get picked- not in March 2007, but i DID get picked to "come on down" on June 6, 2007...for a show that would air June 15...AKA BOB BARKER'S FINAL SHOW! now, I really don't want to reveal identifying information without some searching- however this is just too cool to pass up, so if you want to get proof that I was in contestant's row, go to YouTube and search "The Price is Right - Bob Barker's final show - Pricing Game #2" ...the first clip to come up shows when I was called to contestants row...right after Bob talks to Philip....if you can find this, then I guess you will know who I really am, so please, don't post any incriminating evidence found in my posts here ;)

How was seeing the Price is Right live? Did you get picked?