There is a big diffrence between Making LOVE and having SEX.

sex is not a passionate thing as making love is.
the first time you lost your virginity directly through smne you love uu made love uu dint have sex
making love is done with smne special.

Why do people have girlfriends/boyfriends who are not good for them???...

Its because they never have sex but they are always making love thus getting attached to each other.

making love has a price whether you use a condom or not while sex does not;Do it well and its remembered, Do it badly and its forgotten.

I have been making love to many and thats why am so attached to many people who really dont add up anything in my gaining a higher position in this food chain...

now am changing all that starting now....Lets have sex,shall we??
JodenOfficial JodenOfficial
22-25, M
Aug 17, 2014