O, He Soooo He

 I feel I must first explain the levels of being Hardcore before I write this story.


First, is simply "Hardcore." Like, General Schwartzkopf, Desert Storm.

Second, is being "Core." Like, Audie Murphy, WWII.

Last and not least, is when someone simply "Is." Like, "hey man, you know that Spartan over there? He just IS."

So now, I tell you a little story about Frank Castle, and you decide how "Hardcore" he is...

In the mid-90s, all the crime syndicate bosses got together for one big meeting on how to kill The Punisher. Among these crime tycoons, was Howard Saint -who after having an unfortunate run-in with C-4 at the hands of The Punisher, and spending millions in facial reconstructive surgery-became known as the villain Jigsaw. He spent the better part of his existence from there trying, unsucessfully, to eliminate Frank Castle. So, the other bosses, they figure that Jigsaw has been in enough tangles to advice them on the end-all, beat-all plan to defeat their nememis.... of course, Jigsaw had it. "Don't f#%king try. You guys think luring Castle to a building where you're all supposedly having a 'syndicate meeting' is gonna give you the upper hand at killing him? And I ask you what kind of group of retarded criminals put themselves together in one place with that skull wearing freak? You're all gonna die. I'm out." So they go ahead with their own plan, without Jigsaw. Frank arrives in true USMC style: night vision, pistol, SMG, and small hand held device(!) Before he can start his search for them, they drop their trap. The lights spring up and he is surrounded. Mob bosses, their Drity crews... every thug possible. He stands with weapons pointed at him from every direction. The organizer of the New York crime syndicate speaks to Frank. "We've been expecting you Frank. You see, we're all gathered here to kill you." Frank looks at him. "I know, that's why I rigged the building with explosives. This here," he lifts the hand with the small hand held device, "is called a Dead Man's Switch. I take my thumb off this trigger, and you all die." He then proceeds to blast away at the thugs one by one. At the realization that Frank is not a man who f#%ks around and that they have a good chance at dying either way, the men start to tr yand escape the building. Frank works his way through them, one by one... hundreds it seems as he weaves his way back down the buildings levels. After seeming to get them all, he comes to a stand still... a lower level crack dealer punk from Detroit with a pistol pressing in the back of Frank's skull. He talks calmly, but anxiously to Frank. "I don't wanna die here man, and i know you don't either. How bout we just walk outta here... I'll go back to Detroit, and you can go wherever. Come and kill me another time." Frank turns, looks him in the eyes and takes his thumb of the switch...


naw, He just IS...

InsideMan InsideMan
22-25, M
Oct 6, 2007