The rain is such a precious thing to the world, With out it there would be no life or growth to the world we live on. Something so beautiful can be so terrifying at the same time. For me, i love the rain. it makes me feel the sadness that has not been a reality until some tragic event hits. Rain is water, and water is what makes the vast majority of our humanly structure. I love going for walks when its raining, its the most calming and peaceful act of nature when you need clarification to your life. Its so depressing being soaking wet and all but it makes you feel alive. And for people who don't always feel so alive or positive, its a reassuring feeling.
Tannyer Tannyer
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Yeah, it really washes the bad away =) I love warm rain, I don't mind staying in my clothes or taking them off and chilling outside, even lying down to enjoy it. And when it's cold, rain turns into snow... just another reason why rain is so cool! lol

As do i, its actually pooring rain right now. Im rather enjoying it :3 its lovely watching everything be bombarded by this rain .

so true i love the sound of the rain..i love watching the drops trickle down onto this earth..