Teardrops From Above...

Rain. Teardrops from above. The beautiful pitter-patter as it hits the ground. The sweet scent of the Earth, the feeling after the rain has passed. The drizzle, the fresh feeling of mist on your face. The calm, serene feeling, the moist ground after the rain, the welcoming feeling of life. The world after a long rain, it feels so new, so fresh. So vibrant. The music of the soft tears dropping from the sky.

The amazing thing, is that rain gives the world a fresh new feeling. And it gives me a new outlook on life.

I describe rain as a form of art. To me, life is a poem, with vibrant descriptions of certain things. Rain is one of those things that makes me feel happy, serene, and calm. I love doing yoga to the sound of rain. I apolihize for the way I described this, because some of you may not understand. But please, take the time to read it, and slowly you will be able to understand the way I look at life.
fablousprettygirl fablousprettygirl
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1 Response Jul 27, 2010

thats a really lovely way at looking at it <br />
i like the rain because every1 runs for shelter and i find solice like the world/ town village or city were ever i am belongs to me alone i like that feeling of freedom as there is no one around o see or judge my enjoyment of the rain :-)