Finally at peace!
I spent the weekend in Oregon..... and at peace for the first time in many months.
I left my window open at night and the precious rain came.... lulling me, caressing me, holding me like a gentle lover whose smooth skin sooths away all evil. For the first time in weeks, blessed brother sleep came fluidly to me like a velvet wave amidst the quiet rustling of leaves and whispering of Her voice through branches and dusk. I could smell the pine and decaying leaves: brought alive by the falling quintessence of vaporous anodyne, awakening peace and a forlorn longing in me. A longing for abandoned love and hope.... thoughts of something more.
If her porcelain flesh is as smooth and mellifluous as the weeping Mari's blue grey eyes pouring forth their balm, I would perish with the first kiss... the moment her wet, delicate, dusky, pallid lips entwined with mine.... ah, to dream of such a beautiful death!
Hallowed storm, anointing rain.... make sacchariferous love to me... forgive my impertinence, but I must have you, hold you, be one with you... never has a mortal's love been so in vain!
Back at home... maybe you will come to me here someday.... until then I languish in drought.
menschfeind menschfeind
Aug 9, 2010