Rain In The Desert

One of the things that really sucks about my 7 years in Vegas is I really miss the rain. Its so rare when I get to sleep in and have the sound of rain lull me back to sleep. Its even more rare when I get to run out in the middle of a storm and enjoy the wind and rain in my hair.

Finally, my patience had been rewarded this weekend. On Saturday night there was thunder and lightning and I had waited till 1am and there was still no rain. I was a bit down about it until the middle of the next day, with the sun shining, it just started pouring like crazy! I ran outside in the middle of the street screaming like a mad woman and was spinning around in circles. The rain continued off and on for the rest of the day. Later that night while it was still drizzling I sat out on my balcony with a bottle of wine and my husband. I wish there were more rainy days like this.
moonprincessxox moonprincessxox
31-35, F
Aug 10, 2010