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My First Lesbian Experience

Okay so I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth whilst my step sister was showering I asked her how long she would be in there for as I needed to shower and she replied why dot you just get in with me an we can shower together so I decided that I didn't have a problem sharing the shower as we used to shower together all the time when we were like 5 or 6 years old, so I got undressed and climbed into the shower and it's been quite a while since I had seen her naked so as soon as I got in she asked me to wash her back so I said okay and when she turned around i started to wash her back as I moved my hand lower down her back I noticed her incredible *** with each cheek perfectly shaped, and I got so horny just looking at it as she turned around to face me she caught me staring right at that amazing *** of hers and she asked me do you like what you see and I before I could answer her question she began kissing my lips softly a I was so wet so I kissed her back and we got using tongues I was so wet after kissing for a while she told me to lie down on the floor of the bath so I did and as soon as my back touched the floor she sat on my face I had the whole of her ***** in my face, I began to slowly lick up and down her slit before I inserted my tongue into her soaking wet ***** she was moaning so loud I could tell he was about to ***, but just before she did she turned around so that we were in the 69 position and she just stuck her tongue right in my ***** we were both eating eachother afterbi few minutes I started to *** and she had already came I had her hot juices all over me, after the 69 she laid me down and slowly pleasured me until I came again several time, after the pleasuring we washed each other and then we went into the bedroom to continue the pleasuring...
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wish my girl on girl experience will be something like this!

-Love, Nia

Gosh... where can I meet a girl who would do the same thing to me? I'm so ready to try girl-girl experience

am here... lol

If she is half a pretty as would have been a scene I would have loved to see....

What a amazing story! I wish was the one at that moment so I could lick both of your *****

sounds like you had fun! do you still enjoy each others company?

thats kool,i feel honey already and never had such xperience.lucky u

mmmmmmmmmmmm incredibly erotic - makes me throb!!! You two would LOVE my bi-gf - love a 3 or 4-some :):) hope we can become part of the same circle :):)

Your story is so hot, I would LOVE to observe you two playing together. I f you need a hard **** to fill you out I am here to please you both.

I'm ready to ********** after reading that story

mhhh...turns me on just imagining the scene

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall... Great story Hon!!! Did you ever make love with her after that?