"Rain's Embrace"

As I lay in a warm cosy bed, feeling deflated by your words, the rain is pouring hard. I can hear the pounding on the roof, the pitter patter on my window. It gives me a sense of comfort.
If the rain had arms, I would be in it's embrace.
I love the rain. It is another balm to my weary soul, and battered heart.
Carissimi Carissimi
56-60, F
3 Responses Feb 18, 2012

I hope the embrace of the rain washed your tears away. Some time has passed as well so hopefully that has helped to some degree as well. - Wishing you Peace

Thank you, dear.

Rain is the most inspiring moment for me. I just love it. Its one of the things human kind cannot control. I feel closer to nature, life, wisdom. Sometimes i go on my roof and sit in a puddle leting it soak in to my bones. So beautifull and melancholic! Defenitely my favourite weather condition.

Thank you for your comment. I hope you take a warm bath or shower after you sit in a puddle...you could catch a chill.

Baby the pitter patter on your window is not Rain it is the Tears from My Eyes that have become over filled with the heart felt pain that you are going threw today.

Garfield, you have so much love in you. I hope, sometime soon, a special lady will come into your life, so that you can share it with someone deserving. Thank you for you empathy, my friend.

it is more than just empathy that I feel it is true love and concern for other as long as you and many deservring people are happy I will be content.

But, you need to be content for yourself, also. You need love and happiness just as much as anyone. You deserve that much, at least.

well that is a great thought and I wish it to be true, it doesn't seem to be that way for people like Keith S.

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