The Sooner Rain

I always thought i was the only one who enjoyed the feeling of rain.
As I read more about people who enjoy rain, I see I am not alone.
I feel as if the rain can hide my secrets. If I cry in the rain, no one will hear.
If I sing in the rain, no one will hear.
The rain sings me a song.
Not many people notice that it actually can sooth you.
"It is like my head is hit by rocks." my brother would say.
I like the rain so much. There are reasons my best friend is the rain.
Those reasons have to do with it being a good listener.
He does not betray you.
The rain has no longer been a THING to me. It is now a loyal trustworthy friend of mine.
He does not want any competition with me.


Jsodn Jsodn
18-21, F
May 12, 2012