My Sparkling Night

Standing so still… I can feel my heart beating in my chest, my pulse in my fingertips. The scent of fresh rain and wet earth is powerful, almost overwhelming, but in that beautiful way when encompassed by something you truly love. My back arched, face lifted to the heavens, the drops of water form tears and rivulets over my face, down my neck, and between my breasts. Parting my lips slightly, I draw the taste into me, breathing in over the flavor, heightening it. My clothing, now drenched, I let it fall from me, reveling in the tickling, caressing sensation that now touches almost every part of me. It is amazing, transcendent – so pure and fresh. Alone, here, no inhibitions, no barriers between myself and my world. Reveling in patter upon wet leaves and the low rumble of distant thunder, moving ever closer. One sharp crack and brilliant light immediately illuminates the peaceful dark. Suddenly, for a split second, I am surrounded, and bathed in, countless stars – the rain looks suspended all around me. And the instant is gone before I can truly appreciate it, leaving me more blinded than before, but with the afterimage of my sparkling night.
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May 18, 2012