Calming Peace

Most people bolt when faced with a storm but i have come to embrace the showers from above. Nothing is more peaceful then the sound of rain except for being outside in the storm itself. It is a calm that i can not explain but i love to combine the rain with one of my other favorite things (the ocean). I will sometimes sit at the beach, late at night, as a storm rolls in and over runs me. In that moment as the first few drops of rain splash on my body i feel the anguish, pain, hate, fear, sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, and all other negative feelings wash away as im left with an eerie calm that resets my focus in life. I breath in deep and let out what tension i might have left only to breath in the cool salted air as my soul feels refreshed. The cool beads of water run down my body taking with it all the things that could be wrong with the world and in the end im left with nothing but happiness. I would recommend anyone try it and see if you feel the same.
FoundAgain FoundAgain
26-30, M
Sep 11, 2012