Lovely Rain

Generally, the area I'm in makes me despise the arrival of rain, which is really odd because I used to love the stuff. It still inspires me and soothes my soul, but I just don't appreciate it like I once did. In the days that I lived for rain, I'd sneak outside and dance around in it, jump in puddles, and tilt my head to the sky so that it could drench my face.

Now, I have downgraded to sticking my arms out the window so that the cool, tiny drops can pelt my skin. There's something about the way it hits my flesh that makes me smile and breathe easier. I enjoy the way it falls in rapid succession, a repetitive sound that actually makes me happy. One thing that hasn't changed is that I still sleep best when it's pouring outside. I can easily wrap myself in my sheets and sleep for hours at a time.
emotionbandit95 emotionbandit95
22-25, F
Dec 15, 2012