Pour On Me

I love the rain and being in it. Not a big sun person but everytime it rains I open all of the windows and just listen. I can generally smell the rain coming (odd I know) but here in FL it rains all summer and you just get a feel for it. The sky grows dark and the clouds come in... and then the lightning. Shooting through the sky... you can feel the static in the air. I'd love to play, sit, have sex, you name it, while in the middle of no where w/ the rain falling down.
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3 Responses Jun 15, 2007

Isn't it though... just close your eyes and listen... you can hear every drop, each making it's own music as it lands on the different surfaces...

I have always loved the rain and was always able to smell it prior to the storm rolling in. Until recently, I was like you - open the windows and take it all in if I wasn't out in it. However, since the accident, I can now feel the rain several days in advance and it's not a 'good' feeling - it's rather painful. However, once it passes and the pain subsides some ... the smell of wet grass, wet asphalt, wet siding, etc. Now I just love that smell...

Yesterday my son and I (3 yrs old) danced in the rain. It was wonderul and I recommend it to all!