Acid Drops

as a kid making up what rain really was is part of the fun. shouting at each other "you just licked gods wee wee" or "that came from a nuclear plant in china, youre gonna die of cancer". i have a distinct memory of rain in primary school, round the back, near the porch. but i dunno if it was a dream or real (this happens alot, this confusion) and it was dark blue and the rain was like electricity. but warm. omnipresent and suffocating, but kinda exciting. i love thunderstorms too. drenched.
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1 Response Jul 4, 2007

there's something so calming, so extremely soothing and relaxing about the rain. rain can be playful, it can be dramatic, it can be sexy, it can be like a tranquilizer, etc. it's wonderful - all but the pain it causes for those of us with injuries.