Desert Rose

Having moved from a place where summer thunderstorms were normal and beautiful in their power to a place that can go months without so much as a sprinkle, I have grown to cherish every time it rains out here. I no longer get upset if I get caught in a torrential rainstorm, I love it. There is a cleansing feeling to it and I love how it sounds at night as I go to bed, hitting against the window. While I can survive without having much rain, like the plants in the desert, every time it does rain, I tend to 'grow' and cherish my life even more than I did before.
LoraliSophia LoraliSophia
1 Response Jul 30, 2007

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I know you want to be a writer/novelist. Are you keeping a Word document with snippets like these? Create one or more documents (one for each potential project you want to work on) and put anything relevant into each project document. For additional organization, the documents can have categories inside them, which are just text headings in the document. More sophisticated management tools are out there, but Word documents such as the type I describe above have been extremely powerful for my own writing.<br />
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More power to you...<br />
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