I Love the Rain

Being from Ireland I'm well used to the rain,I love how it makes everything feel fresh and new.Its like a new start each time it stops raining.

I love to be wrapped up inside listening to the rain its beautiful.

Today was 38 degrees here in Melbourne but a thunderstorm was forcast...hasn'y happend yet though.

Since I moved into my new place I've been hoping for a storm,I live in the Port and have a really good view of the sea,it would be great to see the rain clouds coming in over the ocean!

annabellef annabellef
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

I share your love for the rain too, the atmosphere it brings, i feel i have so much more creative energy on rainy days.

i hope you get your wish then. it would mean alot to me-hugs