I Love Rain

    I love rain, because it's beautiful.  It makes me feel good in my sadness and joy.  It brings back good memories, and make me think.  Back in my country, we have three seasons, Summer, Rainy season, and Winter.  Many people complaint during rainy season, because they get tired of raining everyday.  But I love it.  When it rains, I love to stay in bed and listening to the sound of the rain on the roof top (I don't know what you call in in English, but our roof are metal with zizag line and the rain sound very loud, very enjoyable to me), I love playing in the rain on the way home from school.  I love tasting rain. 

    What I love most about rain is that it has to stop sometime, and when it does it cleanse everything, making everything bright.  I used to go and climb in a guava tree in my backyard and eat them right on the tree.  My grandpa would watch me from the window and shouting, "Be careful!"  I was showing off by shake the tree and the rain left on the leaves pour down on my me.  I will never forget those times. 

    One day I want to go scrolling in the rain with someone special.  I want to cuddle in bed and watch Charlie Chaplin with him when it rains.  My sister used to tell me all this things she wants her husband to be to do for her: buying expensive rings, have beautiful dress for wedding, etc.  I don't really care for any of this, I just want someone who will make me feel important, someone who will listen to me when I have something to say, someone who will talk to me, someone who will hold when I'm cold in the rain.

SoBit SoBit
18-21, F
Mar 9, 2009