In the Midst of the Storm...

There are so many things about rain that is beautiful.
The sound of it flowing through the gutters lulling me to sleep.
The feel of it hitting my upturned face.
The cool wetness as it trickles through my hair.
And then... there's the smell.

The smell alone is enough to make me happy.
There's three different rain smells:

The fishy smell... not my favorite...
But it's beautiful anyway.
The smell as the cold rain hits the hot pavement.
It's metallic. Harsh.
It reminds me of the damage storms can do.

And then there's the Before the Rain smell...
This is the one that I hold dearest.
It has a refreshing and clensing scent.
It lifts up your spirit and cleans your soul...
I once heard it called "The Smell of Hope"
I am inclined to agree...

Rain, rain, come our way,
Come and brighten this one day,
We want to dance and play!

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Mar 12, 2009