Just For Me

It's raining today and it smells so wonderful, clean, refreshing, new. I can almost hear each drop as it hits the ground, each creating its own laughter almost like children bouncing and sliding. The flowers are all sprinkled with droplets and the clouds are the perfect combination, as if someone added gray and white to a canvas and just ran their hand over it, smearing, blending, creating a view just for me. There is a slight breeze with just a touch of chill. Can you see that face in the clouds blowing lightly down upon us? I so love the rain…

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3 Responses Mar 23, 2009

OUCH! I'd chip a tooth!

Well, here in Missouri our rain is still laced with ice pellets!

It is getting ready to rain here and I can't wait. Evening rain. I want to dance on the patio