Rainy Day Freedom


A good rain is like a visit from an old friend.  No need to put on something special, you just invite them in.  It requires nothing of you, and you expect the same in return.  It allows you to just be you.

Sunny days are nice too, but they always say, "Get up!  Go!  Do!"  They insist on being filled with activity.  Sunshine is nice, sometimes, but I still prefer the rain.

sunflowerJoy sunflowerJoy
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

You are right, Sugar. There is nothing like a good nap on a rainy afternoon ;-)

The rain is definitely serene and comfortable feeling....as you said very well "a visit from an old friend". The sound of it is also soothing and a wonderful sound to take a nap to:-)