Ahh Rain, How Are You My Friend?

At night, when it splatters on the roof at a steady pace. It's soothing and makes me feel so cosy in my bed. It's my bed time story, so comforting.

In the middle of the day when it's warm outside, but suddenely starts pouring down. On a dead vertical angle. You can open the back door of the house and sit on the step, there you have a front row seat to nature. Loud and dramatic, but romantic. Beautiful.

I remember walking home from school it would sometimes rain. At first I would run from every shelter to shelter that was positioned on the way to my house. But about half way there, I realised that even then my skirt was already half saturated. I give up. I walk out into the water mess and feel myself geting completely soaked. My underwear held its own pool of water. It was then that I started to embrace this natural event. I kicked puddles, opened my mouth out to the sky and laughed.

It was amazing.

letsholdhands letsholdhands
18-21, F
Mar 6, 2010