Anger At Ocd Thoughts And My Mind Comes Up With Stories To

im so sick of these thoughts i get them really bad, and it makes me so **angry.. its like a bully night and day it wont stop..its beyond annoying it just driven me a bit i going crazy do i need help because sometimes i can see so calm and okay other times i am in a daze so in thought. when i wake up its there when im watching a film its there when im walkign down a street its there
.in a shop and my minds thinking gosh i bet they think im so criminal looking dude .its the superanxiouness i get paniciky moements or when things seem like blurred. like on the bus home i felt like the whole world was turning and things were going so terribly wrong.everything was wrong. some guy who keeps following me about which makes me so annoyed i mean what the hell.
And its stuck in my head when i get home im worrying about it when i watch must be the most paranoidest person ever..when i do mind says the craziest stuff..i think im beinging to sound crazy lol

i just want it to leave me alone..i was getting better well making changes in my life and i feel a bit unsure and this guy just stood there looking at mind makes up these stories..i get paranoid my ocd and mind exaggerate and it cause me great pain because i think i have done something terrible.give me a ** break as if it wasnt enough to have troubles to have.

do i need the personal hell the drama in my life..its like the script of my life..

goldfishy goldfishy
18-21, M
Aug 3, 2010