No, Rick Santorum Is Dangerous

Our country is nased on separation of church an state yet so many past, present presidential candidates (some who have become presidents)
have insisted on bringing THEIR religious beliefs
to the countries leadership. In doing so, slowly a bit at a time
the people's rights are being erroded, constrained and convoluted
by the Supreme Court members that been seated on the bench and thru
Congressional legislation.
Ironically, we are the same country who invade others and condem other
governments for having religious leaders.
How is it, when a citizen of a sovereign nation
is killed in the name of freedom, its titled
'collateral damage' but a victim or hero otherwise.
Lets all grow up a bit here. War does not discriminate.
The fatality rate among civilians of other countries since WW2 to the present war
in Iraq has grown from 20% to now 90%.
There has to be a sane alternative to mass killing of innocent people.
Just because someone, or som e country does not fit
the mold of 'our' democracy, religion or freedom does not give us
the godlike right to invade sovernign nations under false
pretenses to US citizens. We are becoming more and more
similar to the countries we condem in that we spy on our citizens, can torture, bold without due justice indefinetely etc.
I have the right to speak my mind although I cant say
the government is monitoring or taking notes.
Ive earned my right to speak being directly affected by
911 and the Iraq war.
Dont let this country fall further into the hands of those who
would like everyone look, walk, think and talk the same.
The very same people who wish to control a woman's body along
with making life and death decisions for her!
Don't let this happen to our country.
Thank you for reading.

paco35 paco35
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2012

oh, and you didn't earn your right to speak freely. that was accomplished back in 1776. our constitution protects your right to speak freely.<br />
<br />
both parties want to control us. the difference is what sector they want to control. if a woman can control her own body, then why did she become pregnant, and decide to abort the consequence of a natural act? no doubt because she was not in control of herself. in any society, either you control yourself, or something or someone else will. test this, you will quickly understand what i mean

the separation of church and state is not a constitutional phrase. what you are addressing is the prohibition in the constitution for the congress to establish any law with respect to religion. in other words, a president is perfectly and constitutionally correct in bringing his personal religion to his office. doing so does not erode rights. rights cannot be eroded,or they are nothing to begin with. in truth, our founders/fr<x>amers were much more spiritual than our spate of presidents are now-and no, our founders and fr<x>amers were not deists. thomas jefferson MIGHT have been a deist.