It's getting old how he puts his hands all over my body one day and the next its like i dont even exist. He never officially asked me out, never took me on a real date. Even when he had another gf, hed still come up to me and put his hand on my waist, try to kiss me, and touch me. We use to kiss and i would let him do all these things to me only because i was so in love with him. But now he doesnt even look at me anymore. Some days i just listen to the most depressing music, and even slit my wrists. I cant even eat the way i use  because i feel he stopped hanging around me because im ugly or just a fat ***. He just lead me on, and i fell hard. He put me in a real depressing state that made me do stuff. He made it so cant let anyone i like into my life. I am so scared that guys will just use me like he did and just throw me away like some *****. I just met the sweetest guy and hes slowly growing on me. He treats me right but dont thinki ill ever let anyone in for a long period of time. Because of HIM. 
EmoGurlWithBrownHair EmoGurlWithBrownHair
May 5, 2012