Flu Rage

So, I'm usually the short-tempered type and on here I'm trying not to be. I don't want to bring my desire to rant onto EP, nor pass on my flu electronically.  If such a thing were possible, the future of mankind would be forever shrouded in terror.  God, what a $hit-a$$ed flu!

I guess I am quite serious after all, but on here I like to have a laugh.  Invariably I run into a few cowboys and Indians.  Now and again, the odd Mayan.  I take it in my stride, try not to waver or blink first.  I'm pretty good at the 'eye' game unless, on the odd occasion, I cannot access 'stare out mode'.  So many modes for one face.  None of them a facade unless I'm being sarcastic.  But then usually I have no expression when saying something I don't mean.  My brain just feeds out a response and I don't argue with it.  I do have sensors so if it happens to be highly offensive, I curb that $hit.  

So, the title is 'Flu rage'.  This is one of acceptable times to be unimpressed with your nose.  Not impressed with the large organ that is my skin either.  Body temperature is on the rise like some kind of middle-eastern revolution.  I feel like I'm going to burst into flames any second like the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, except, I will probably burn to cinders before I can say the words 'Flame on!'.

Stupid flu.

Don't you understand?  I got things to do.  Things to write outside of EP.  Show me the kindness of your bacterial heart.  Show me mercy.  Not rage.  Leave my body without delay.  Because I need to feel better again.  I can't suffer the slings and arrows of a 2nd flu in as many months.  It leaves me to wonder about the efficiency of my immune system.  If the last few months have anything to go by, it's pretty pathetic.  Conquered by peasants.  If I could invest in a better one I would but I don't think anything is on the market at the moment.  No true immune system booster at least.  Blah! 

Whatever I eat has no oomph to it.  Whenever I decide to write, I sneeze.  It's not good!  Staying awake and touching this keyboard isn't helping either so I better stop typing and leave. 

zombiii zombiii
31-35, M
Jan 17, 2013