I Dont Get Why He Did This?

Hi all...I finally can tell it to anyone and here it goes..I have loved this man for 7years ..been through lots ..we met I was with someone he was with someone..but we both felt it ..he was not stable ..I married..he did not want me involved in his crazy life due to danger ..we lost contact for 2 years but he found me ..everyday at least once he went through my head but he was always in my heart..always we met up and once again we felt it...he went away again but called every day sometimes 5 times a day ..he would tell me he loved me wanted me and me having trust issues..he told me I had to trust him if not it would end is..I came to trust him more than anyone .one day I got call from someone that knew him and they basically said he was using me and it was a game to him..I am so pissed at him..I am so hurt..I don't get it?? I just want to know why? I hate that I love him still..I always will love him..why?
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Sadly many men like to hunt and once the hunt is over, the prey bores them.

well...the source, valid or's hard to understand the motive

dont blame you one second for feeling that way, valid or not!, WTF

but if you are that in love you should try to resolve it.

this is hard, because I have been in the situation where I didn't trust due to my past seems to put the nail in the coffin

i have decided to trust. if what i obsess about really could be true (issues of trust), then that's all on them! I am so worried of being hurt and dissed behind my back....but freedom is tossing that away.

If you truly love the person, love them. If you fear they are doing something that will hurt you, either walk away or stay and love.

Hopefully it will be your own insecurity and not valid. But if there is something that would be so bad...that is not your choice nor nothing to do with you. If you dont' buy into insecurities or what may be...then all is good. If your other really does something bad...that is their own guilt...their own conscience...something they will have to live with. Has nothing to do with you.

This is what I have told myself and decided to live by (still struggle with it...but I am so tryin to be strong)

I know I'm probably not making much sense, but I feel for ya and wish you the best. Just always be strong!!!!!!!!!

the source had nothing to just made me realize I might be wrong and my trust issue could have cost me the best thing I have known oh god what do I do now?.