can someone please tell me what the true meaning in your perspective of APPRECIATON really means .....i hate when you do something for someone and it takes time out of your life, maybe even money to do this favor for them and they first of all QUESTION how you are are doing the favor and then act like because its not their plan that its not good enough are you serious? why in the world would you ever question someone offering to help you when you need it or the way they are doing it my god be grateful they even cared to step in and take the time to be there for you.  also one more thing i hate when people talk to you in front of you and their mood decides what they say ......example my boyfriend love him to death but drives me crazy......when he is in a good mood he is happy with everything in our life together and says things like you are the best woman i could ever ask for and im glad you have a girlfirend and im perfectly ok iwth that part of you i love you for you and i support anythign that makes you happy...... soon as he gets the littlest bit upset all of a sudden im the most horrible girlfriend i never treat him right even though i spoiling him straight rotten and cater to him on every level.....and he is not ok iwth me having a girlfriend and everything is wrong and he wants out ....then that same day comes to me and says i love you and im lucky to have you.......he gets upset cuz i never believe what he says too me the hell does he expect me to know which side to believe its a constant now im to the point im not going to have anymore girlfriends im just going to have my ladies on here, and my real girl friend in heart always and forever pinkmami my ambear and best freind in the world ..... in my life to hell with that drama anymore ....i never would have had one with him if he would have made that known to me along time ago lol......i love women how they are with me and their mysterious ways of affecting my heartrate lol....but wow, why cant he stick to what he truly feels and stop his confusing wishy washy words with me.?  anyone know what is happening here cuz im almost out of strength in this aspect of my life.  help!!

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Feb 22, 2009