One For Stupid Neighbours!!!!!


I have posted about these fine people in other group but given the opportunity I want to rant about it...

I feel awful for my landlords, they are very nice working hard people who got stuck with terrible tenants. The wife got an arrest warrant this afternoon because the people from the flat upstairs have not paid the electricity bill for the past 6 months (and also haven't paid them rent for the past 4).. things are diferent where I live and it is an option to change the bill to the renter's name or leave it to the owner. 

So not only they don't pay rent or pay the bills, they annoy my husband and me, they are loud and annoying, we tried to be nice and be patient but after learning they are gamblers, I am really pissed off, specially when on Xmas time, one of the 3 kids they have told my husband he was trying to raise money for a bike, as his parents didn't have money and he had to give them all his savings. WTF, you take your kids saving to gamble it?? The boy was wondering if he could clean my house in exchange of money. Sadly I can't trust him, he had stole things around.

The mother wears annoying high heels all the time, not that I care if it wasn't for the fact that she must a a proffesional tap dancer, that's all I heard, tap, tap tap, tap.

They throw garbage n my garden, from fruit to dirty diapers, carbon coil, you name it. They insist it's the toddler. Well, how can you leave a 3 year old unsupervised in the balcony?

And they probably have to put the couches together to sleep, they move the furniture and drag chairs all day!!!!!!!!!!

**** you all stupid inconsiderate ignorant people

arrrggggggg just leave and no one would get hurt!!! At least the landlords finally got a lawyer to deal with this and kick them out!!

Can someone give me tips to annoy them as much as they do to me??




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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

If you have a good arm you could throw the junk they toss in your garden back onto their balcony.

lol I know, as I am writing I can heard them making so much noise with the chairs!