I Have Crazy Disrespectful Neighbors!!!

I live in an apartment building that has 5 floors.  On my floor, the second one and on the 5th floor on Friday night (February 20th) in the middle of the night, some of those ******* ******* kids started running in the hallways, running around like lunatics, screaming and yelling, using the fire escape stairs to go back and forth from apartments.   At that time, I came out of the elevators and they rammed into me and didn't say sorry!  They just laughed.

The only thing I have to say is THIS IS NOT A DORM ROOM!  Learn some ******* boundaries and tone it down a notch, I'm not saying you can't have fun but know that you are living AROUND OTHER PEOPLE DAMMIT

There I said my piece.  It's been bugging me!  GOSH!

LittleScribbles LittleScribbles
Feb 23, 2009