My Boyfriend Died

My boyfriend and i were on a great date and it end so quick and i hated that it was over we said r good byes i waited till he left then i headed instide. The next morning i was calling him and texting him but there was no answer. at around six that night his mother answered  and said when he left my house he feel aleep at the wheel and crashed the doctors dont think he'll make it. I sat at the hospital with him for three days holding his hand kissing him and bagging god to please let him wake up. Seeing him living by machines was killing me. I didnt know what to do and i feel so bad. My heart is broken. I miss him so much. Last night i cryed and confessed to his best friend about how i didnt mean to kill him and i'm so sorry he tried to tell me i didnt but ik i did. I sat and cryed in his arms for hours i was surprised he still wanted to be my friend. I miss my boyfriend so much. OMG I DIDNT MEAN IT I SWARE!!!! PLEASE BRING HIM BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!

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You need to see someone. You may need grief management.

Please believe it not your fault. Spirit and I send you love. x

Delicate~ Our prayers are with you! Do not beat your self up like this, and blame you. Pray to our Lord will hear your prayers and he will answer them. maybe not in the way you need. You have soo many friends here who care about you. We are here when you need a shoulder to cry on. When your feeling better, I think it would be a beautiful honor, to post a story about him, and all his life. We would be touched to know about him, and your many memories!<br />
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A warm embrace for you

This is a tragic story, and there is no easy way to ease your pain, Flirty is correct in that you cannot blame yourself, it will not help your boyfriend and as he loved you, think about how he would feel..........people that love you dont' want you to hurt, to honor him and yourself, you should try to begin the healing process and try to honor his life with beautiful memories...........may God bless you and help you through a terrible tragedy.......