DRAMA Vs. Love

all my life ive had what people have called a BLEEDING HEART and it seems to have been unappreciated alot.   when i was younger ive had a rough past and been hurt in most every way but my way of surviving it all for some reason was by continuously trying again with someone new..FREINDS AND RELATIONSHIPS.....ive always cared and ive always showed it to everyone i felt was worth caring for ......ive always treated every single person ive ever cared about the same .....nurturing, caring, just because i love you moments of showing they are meaningful to me, the little thoughtful things, and protective of them all.  every single time ive done that ive been burned or taken for granted and used ...its my natural personality to be hospitably caring and im a touchy feely girl who just shares my life as you share yours with me.....now ive grown colder and less trusting .....so my question is how do you know who is worth the drama in your life and who isnt .....there are always good and bad in all freindships and relationships but what makes you decide to keep them or kick them to the curb.....the ones ive been with would always be there for me in ways no one ever had so that means they cared right ?  but they alot of the time would return my love not intiate it.  ive never known any FEMALES at all who ever showed me i was worth their thought and time unless it benefitted them or they were triggered to come to me based on their needs or desires....until i came to this site im surrounded by love everyday on here FROM WOMEN mainly .....im baffled by the caring for no reason but to show me im worth their thought ......at how much love i receive on here and half of the time i dont initiate it lol....and i never expected it at all.....its amazing ive never been treated this way by women i was actually in real life dating or freinds with .....and no one on here will ever meet me most likely it just seems backwards to me but i love everyone of you ladies for showing me that uncontional unpredictable love does exist with females lol.....i dont ever show love if i dont feel it for any reason but to let the people worth my time know i love them on some level.  so how do you decide who is worth your time .....thank you for listening to me and for making me feel truly part of your world on ep never felt so much devotion and love from so many wonderful people " JUST BECAUSE "

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1 Response Mar 5, 2009

My main thought in life was always be nice to people and friendly, helping when I can, but as life went on that view changed. There are many I can't trust out there, but after coming hear and meeting very nice, friendly people, they have helped me so much. There are still people that take advantage of us and there always will be, but they can never say I didn't give them a chance. In time, everything will come together.