First, I have a co-worker that sits just two cubicles down from me - she's just a little woman (skinny *****) probably weighs 100 pounds soaking wet, but she wears high heels all the time and when she wears them she STOMPS around.. it's driving me nuts! Even if I am wearing headphones to drown out the sound I can feel the floor vibrate when she walks by. My poor desk fish (his name is Finley) the water in his bowl sloshes from her stomping - I'm not kdding! It's insane.

And then there is another co-worker I have, she is constantly on her cell phone. I see her get out of her car in the morning - the cell phone is up to her ear and she is talking on it (this is at 7:30 in the morning) and when she takes a break, she's on her cell phone, if she is walking to the bathroom, or the break room, and then at the end of the day - I see her leaving at 4:00 and .. guess what? She's talking on her cell phone. No one needs to talk on the phone that damn much. I think she's mentally ill.

~whew!~ I feel better now LOL! 


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People that talk on cells that much, need help. REALLY! There about as bad as people who carry those Annoying Nextel phones.

Different stroke for different folks , we all swim in the same pool . The weights you carry , will only drown you . Don't ask me or them to carry it for you . ( back stroking away ) :)

Cell phones should only be for emergency calls at work.

and I hate co workers who take their cell phones in the bathroom ... gross