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There are 2 people in the group I'm in at work I need to rant about.  One is a total control freak, the other questions me from time to time about his next step on a project.  The control freak seems to plan moves ahead and the questionner just reacts to things.  Somehow I'm friends with both - or at least I think I'm friends with the control freak.  He used to be interested in having lunch with me at least once a week or so and now it's died down to nothing even though he's still friendly.  I can't take these swings in extremes anymore.

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They really don't have anything to do with each other due to work roles and assignments, so I don't see myself as a buffer between them.<br />
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The questioner told me he doesn't have anyone else to confide in so I've become that person -- not something I've been interested in lately I'm sorry to say based on how he admits he is miserable, wants out and turned down an opportunity to get out a few months ago.

I think you need to recognize who you are . Your a buffer, and sounding board ,translator between to conflicting personalities . They most likely realize that about you , when arbitration is required your invited . <br />
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Question is do you want that part ?<br />
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Do you get recognize for the role ?

Mary I felt I was going crazy when I signed up here a few months ago. I try not to let people get to me but sometimes it's hard!

hey your not crazy why do you say that about your self???do you see thing hear things,,,,think people are out to get you,,,well you really never know about that,,,I think you work with some strange people but ,,,I don't think your crazy,,,I am crazy,,,and I want the whole world to know it,,,it is so cool in here,,,I can shoot and everyone can feel it but not here it ,,,that is awesome,,,love and light mary