So, I've been on this site for a few moments now and I'm enjoying myself. Unfortunately in my reading, I can across some very misinformed individuals misinforming others on the site.
On Virginity- somewhere along the line someone told the fib that the virginity of a woman isn't sacred , it's safe to say that whomever that individual was they were probably a nonbeliever. Any Christian on this site should know that the virginity of both man and woman are of high value to God. So for the young Christian boys or girls on this site wondering about whether or not you should lose your virginity, please think about it before you do it. Don't do it because society says everyone is doing , it's cool, or it's acceptable! Do it because you care so much about the boy or girl you are with that you would be okay with the consequences of being sexually active.
Now on being SINGLE!
Ladies do not believe the lie that you are going to be single forever, I read a post where someone said that some people were meant to be alone.
Again for my Christian women, if you believe in God then believe that just as God created Eve for Adam, that he created someone especially for you, your Adam is out there in this world and he is missing a rib because God used it to form you. All you have to do is be patient and know that wherever he is right now that he is growing into the Prince Charming that you've always dreamed of, and you should stop wasting your time on all these substitute Adams and prepare yourself to receive and reciprocate all the love that will be shared between the two of you.
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I just applauded your post because it was just that amazing! You even helped me realize something that I never thought of before. Thank you for that

Blah blah blah

Iva, do you have something to say about my post? I'd like to know what part you didn't like?

To be honest the whole lot :-)

Long long story

Well Iva if you'd like to talk about it you can ? I'm all ears ... Well eyes lol

Another time xxx

Okay, but we do need to talk now about why you don't want to live.

Because I have nothing to offer & I keep getting hurt

Sorry had to go shower quickly, but Iva, it saddens me to see you say that about yourself! You have everything to offer this world! You can love people the way you desire to be loved, you can treat people the way you want to be treated and you can share your talent and your encouragement with the world. I need you to take sometime and just realize just how much you a worth, learn how to love yourself, see that if you've dealt with these for 2 years then you are pretty strong. There are people who had the thought once and committed suicide. The fact that it's been years and you're still here tells ms that you're just like me. You're broken, and you have no faith in the world and every time you give people a chance they fail you, but I can tell you this Iva you are still here today because you want to live, but you won't live fully until you define your own happiness and until you stop looking for yourself in people. The only way you are going to find yourself is by looking within you. The key to happily living your life and truly loving your life is NOT and will NEVER be found in people, it is in you.

Humans are destroyers

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