Stem Cell Research.

That's all I've got to say 'bout that (in the famous words of Forrest Gump)

I am not looking for an argument with anyone on here, so if you don't like this, and you don't like me (merely because I am a conservative), then just go about your business as if you never saw this.  I, on the other hand, do not jump on people for their beliefs, or refuse friendship with them because of their political/religious views.

I believe that we have one God, and that it is his job to create and end life. 

Once again, this is just my opinion, I understand that roughly ninety-nine percent of fellow EP'ers will disagree with me on this.  I respect your points, that your grandma needs a new liver or whatever.  Just do not go posting rude comments on my story.  I deserve to the chance to use this place as an outlet, without being attacked, just like you do.

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=D You're welcome. I'm so relieved this wasn't a comment from somebody freakin out lol

exactly thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!