Some People Here.

I swear, if one more, just one more, person on this site talks to me like I am their three year old child, I am going to stick a cyber boot up their ***!

If I ask a question, DO NOT tell me my question is "ridiculous".  You need to save your finger energy and go look at some of the other questions on there that make no sense at all!  I asked a good question.  There ARE people in this world who have morals and values.  I just wanted to see how many, obviously not many.  But it wasn't a ridiculous question.  An example of a ridiculous question would be (comparable to others I've seen):  Why do you when u bf is going space on trampaline?

I just made that up, to prove a point.  Did that make any f**king sense to you?!?  No!  It didn't, but I see stuff that ridiculous everyday.  So before you go saying my question is "ridiculous", read somebody else's. 

Not everybody is going to say they would be in a ***** for a million dollars.  Geez!  Then I got somebody else saying, "What, paying for sex is wrong??"

That is beside the mother f**king point dumbass!  I was asking for people's opinion.  Not for you to get all pissy because you would enjoy selling yourself.  RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

Thanks Lacey =]<br />
I've realized there is nothing I can do about the dumb ones, just gotta ignore them.